Sri Lankan Author 

Chasing a Boomerang  

It is a story about a young woman’s self-discovery of love and happiness...

Ishani Gamage didn’t want to leave Sri Lanka. Everything dear to her was there. Her beloved grandmother, her first love, Mahesh, and her dreams to become a bride, wife and a mother of two kids.

But she wasn’t given a choice when she was forced to flee the country for her safety and become a foreign student in the big metropolitan city of Sydney. There, at just twenty-one years, she becomes Issy, a woman that struggles with everything; her studies, western culture, Aussie slang, and supporting herself financially.

In the same city, she finds friendship and hope. And falls for a man who wasn't ready for a commitment.

Would Issy be able to find her happy ever after or would she be strong enough to live knowing that not everyone is destined for happy endings?

Genre: Romance Language: English


It is a story about a young woman’s self-discovery of love and happiness...

Saku is an independent young woman fighting her own demons and working on her life plan. She doesn't have any delusions about herself; she happily leads a vanilla way of life that is true to her values.

Scared by her childhood best friend, Niranga, Saku only trusts a handful of people and can be a praying mantis that bites off the heads of men who are not careful around her. She is also not one to forgive and forget easily.

When Niranga returns after years of wanting to reconnect, Saku doesn't have the time to entertain such a whimsical idea. They are on two different life trajectories; nothing in common other than the innocent and sweet childhood they both left behind.

Genre: Romance Language: English