When some count sheep to fall asleep, I used to lace stories in my head even at a very young age. But I didn’t start inking them until I was about 12 or 13 years old. I wrote my first story in a notebook in Sinhalese (my native language) when I was in school. I shared my stories with my school friends, who loved reading them.

Regrettably, following the conventions prevented me from pursuing writing further. My advanced studies preoccupied me, followed by my corporate job. However, when my mother fell ill, I felt compelled to write again because she was the one who instilled in me a love for reading.

I published my first novel in November 2021, on the second anniversary of my mother’s passing. The story was one I began writing during my university years. As I grew older, the story and its characters also evolved, becoming more refined and mature.

Hearing my readers resonate with the story and appreciate the depiction of Sri Lankan culture was incredibly rewarding. The feedback on my debut novel, The Labyrinth of My Life, encouraged me to write a second one which I published in May 2023.

My dream is for my stories to be more than just ‘happily ever after’ tales and provoke thought in readers aiding the revelation of suppressed  emotions and thoughts. It also means inspiring those like me to come out of their closets and embrace their dreams.

 When I’m not busy writing, I find pleasure in reading books written by my favourite authors and going on bush walks with my partner in crime, my husband, and our friends.  

What's next for me ....

I am working on two projects at the moment. My third novel,' The Bridges We Cross'. This is a story about a man struggling with his own demons and a woman sacrificing her values one after the other to support her family.  I am hoping to publish this towards the end of the year. Fingers corss.....

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